Meet Jeni

Ahh…where to begin? I am, first and foremost, a servant of Jesus Christ, a wife, and a mommy. Those are, by far, the three best and most important jobs that I will ever have. The rest of my love & energy go to my family, my friends, and most definitely, my PHOTOGRAPHY.

In a perfect world, I’d spend my days snuggling with my precious daughter & sweet son, relaxing in a coffee shop with my handsome hubby, and of course..sleeping in. But in reality, let’s face it; I spend most of my days chasing after my precious daughter & sweet son, dreaming of adult conversation and a hot coffee with my handsome hubby…and never, ever, EVER sleeping in!

However, even on the busiest and most hectic days, I am blessed. Not because of what I have, but because of Who has ME…my Lord & Savior Jesus Christ. He is the Author of my story, the One that holds me together when everything else falls apart. I’ve found that He is the only One who can create hope out of despair, the only One that can take my messed-up, crazy life and turn it into something beautiful. (Read the full story of Acres of Hope Photography HERE.)

It is my hope that my life and my photography will be a reflection of His incredible love and the overwhelming grace that He’s poured out on my life.

Thank you for visiting, & God bless!